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Republic of Paws offers a refund or exchange for any unused, unopened products brought back within 30 days of purchase. All returns must have a receipt. If you are enrolled in our Paws Perks in-store loyalty program OR you have ordered online, we have a receipt available for you. All other returns must present a physical receipt copy. We cannot accept returns without a receipt or outside of this 30 day time limit, however, there are lots of local rescues that would love to receive unwanted product!

Republic of Paws guarantees all products against manufacturers defects (this does not include products that have been chewed up). Should you have a defective produt, please bring to any store location for a refund or replacement. If we do not have a replacement in store, we will work with the manufacturer to have one shipped directly to you.

Republic of Paws offers a full refund or exchange on all bagged or boxed pet food of 6lb or less within 30 days of purchase. Items must contain original packaging/UPC, must have a corresponding receipt, and will require completion of a consumer return form. For items outside this size limitation, please contact the owners or managers for special authorization. All such returns are at the owner/manager's discretion.

Republic of Paws offers a full refund or exchange on any unopened pet food returned within 30 days of purchase. All returns require a receipt.

At Republic of Paws, we are committed to carrying quality products made by reputable companies - many of which are family-owned just like us! To this end, we offer a fair and responsible return policy that ensures that the products you purchase live up to the claims made by the manufacturers and are free from defects and that values our manufacturers for the time and work they put into designing and crafting the products they make.


Republic of Paws believes dogs and cats are natural-born carnivores with the ability to crush bone and shred flesh. For this reason, we do not claim any product in our store is indestructible and we offer no chew warranties other than those offered through our manufacturers as clearly labeled on such products. Products such as Lupine or Planet Dog must receive replacements directly through the manufacturer and we are happy to offer contact information or links to replacement forms. We DO offer an in-store warranty for West Paw Design products. Each toy PURCHASED has a lifetime guarantee with a ONE-TIME replacement. Simply bring in what remains of the toy and a replacement will be provided to you.


Republic of Paws understands that many food manufacturers will guarantee their food no matter the bag size, no matter the reason. However, these policies have led to rampant abuse by many customers, depleting inventory, reducing staff efficacy, and causing unnecessary waste and inflation. We believe we can all play a part in addressing these issues by purchasing smaller sized bags for "taste testing." If you purchase a small bag and your pet enjoys the formulation, we offer a 10% discount on larger bags purchased. Or even better, to reduce food boredom, aversions, and gut issues, contact us to learn how to join our Good Cuts Club and get started with rotational feeding and a 20% fresh food inclusion! Your pets will thank you!