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At Republic of Paws, we are committed to sharing the latest and most relevant information on nutrition, pet ownership, grooming and daily care, and other topics that enhance the lives of pets and their people. We believe that health and nutrition is a journey, not a single choice, and to that end we are constantly seeking out resources that enable us to be better at what we do and help us better equip you, the pet owner, to provide the very best products and care to your furry family members.

Our Nutritional Philosophy

Pets are as unique in their biology as humans are and so we understand that what works for one pet, may not work for another. However, we believe their is an approach to nutrition that gives pets the very best chance for a healthy, happy gut - from which their overall wellness stems. This approach entails the following:

  1. Rotational Feeding - like us humans, pets are not intended to eat the same food day after day, week after week, but rather to eat a varying diet consisting of many different healthy proteins and ingredients that create diversity in their gut and that protect against acquired allergies and nutritional defeciences. Whether you are feeding raw, cooked, commercial, or any other diet, we encourage consistent rotation of brand, protein, base formulation, and supplementation. 
  2. Minimum 20% Whole Food Inclusion - research is increasingly showing that health markers for pets begin to improve at a minimum 20% whole food inclusion - this means finding foods in the frozen, fresh meats, or fresh produce categories to add into an otherwise processed diet. If you are feeding your pet a kibble diet and feeding your pet twice daily, this would mean offering a whole food diet just three times weekly. In doing so, you offer your pet healthy, living ingredients capable of support the gut and immune system and that are much more bioavailable.
  3. Focus on healthy fats and proteins - dogs and cats are carnivores, intended to eat a fresh, meat-based diets. All of the amino acids they need to thrive are most available in muscle and organ meat. While it is possible for a pet to survive on a vegan or vegetarian diet or on a diet consisting largely of cereal grains like many main-stream kibble, such diets are biologically inapropriate and often lay the groundwork for the development of metabolic diseases. At Republic of Paws, we believe all dry dog foods are devoid of the levels of fats and proteins most dogs and cats need to thrive, so fresh food inclusion is vital. However, if you are feeding a kibble, we encourage looking for kibble that has meat as the first ingredient - ideally the first 5 ingredients - and that refrains from the use of heavy cereal grains and GMOs like wheat, corn, and soy. You will not find any food utilizing these ingredients on our shelves, but you will find kibbles with varying levels of animal versus plant based proteins as well as varying ingredients used as the primary binder. We encourage rotating among brands, while choosing foods that are higher in fresh meat content.
  4. Supplementation for defeciences - from breed-specific deficiences to deficiencies resulting from disease or medical conditions, many pets are deficient in essential nutrients or require added nutrients necessary to support proper organ function, growth, and healing. If your pet is showing signs of deficiencies from hair loss to allergies to weight loss or decreased mobility, supplements like Ubiquinol and COQ10; Turmeric; Krill Oil for Taurine; Bone Broth for Hydrolauranic Acid, Glucosamine and Chondroitin; and Goat's Milk or Kefir for probiotics and enzymes can help support your pet's ability to fight and heal from disease, inflamation and deterioration without the use of pharmaseutical drugs.
  5. Weight Loss and Exercise - many of the diseases facing household pets today, including cancer and diabetes, are metabolic diseases. Research shows that exercise regulates fat and glucose metabolism, improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart - all of which are vital in the fight against disease. Additionally research shows that loosing unnecessary body fat and maintaining a healthy weight reduces insulin levels which in turn helps protect pets from metabolic disease. By partnering a healthy, rotational diet using healthy fats and lean proteins with a consistent exercise routine, you are offering your pet the very best foundation to thrive.

Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker

This free and informative website is packed with videos and articles on animal health and nutrition. It is a great way to get a second opinion to compare to information your personal vet may be giving you. We encourage our customers to bookmark this site! Here is one of our favorite information videos on picking a great food for your pet...

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