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Silver Tails Dual Infared Pet Massager

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As we age we get a little stiff! The same is true for our pets. Massaging your pet can help stimulate muscles and increase joint flexibility. It can also relieve the tension, stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. 

The Silver Tails Infared Massager features two heated massage heads - a large head for greater coverage and a small head for smaller breeds and concentrated joint relief. A three-function switch allows for separate heat and massage control. Use daily to help soothe sore muscles, arthritis, hip dysplasia and other age-related discomforts. Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included

Silver Tails Dual Infared Pet Massager

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Silver Tails Dual Infared Pet Massager

Gentle Pet Massage Can:

  • Increase Blood Flow & Cell Generation
  • Soothe Aching Joints & Muscles
  • Speed Up Healing
  • Improve Flexibility

Read a great article on the benefits of Infrared Massage from - great for humans and pets! Click here.

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