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Dog Day Spa & Salon

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Republic of Paws' Grooming Salon & Day Spa is conveniently located one block west of our Colorado Springs retail boutique in the Old Towne Plaza at the corner of 25th Street and Colorado Ave. The Spa address is 2501 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

Our Spa is inspired by our desire to promote optimum wellness for every pet. Grooming is much more than just a cute haircut! Keeping your pets nails trimed, teeth cleaned, skin hydrated, and of course coat clean and mat-free ensures that your pet always feels its best.

Our Approach
We have put years of customer feedback to use in designing our spa and selecting products to pamper your pets! We have worked to create an open atmosphere and experience that is convenient and reassuring for pet parents and that is relaxing and comforting for pets. We utilize essential oil diffusers and calming music to help alleviate stressors for your pet, we use only natural grooming products to promote the care and comfort of your pet, and we provide therapeautic services like aromatherapy massage and laser therapy that are sure to help pets look forward to their day at the spa.

More than anything, we seek out and value customer input. We are constantly looking for ways to tailor and improve our operations to meet the needs of pets and their parents. If you have ideas, contact us!

Meet Our Master Groomer
Republic of Paws is proud to introduce our Spa Manager and Head Groomer, Kat Salemi. Kat is an award-winning and nationally certified Master Groomer with over 12 years of grooming experience. She earned her certification through NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America) and enjoys keeping up with new grooming trends and techniques through industry seminars and tradeshows. To Kat, grooming is not just a profession, it is her passion! In addition to her wealth of grooming experience, Kat brings a true love for animals and a commitment to the comfort and safety of every pet in her care. Kat will oversee our team of bathers and groomers, ensuring your pet leaves feeling and looking good!

Our Services 
All-Inclusive Grooming- When your pet joins us for a grooming day at the spa, we want them to leave looking and feeling their very best. Our full-service grooming includes two baths for maximum cleanliness, a relaxing blueberry facial, full brush out and blow dry, nail trim and filing, ear cleaning, and a full hair cut based on your style preferences. A complimentary initial consultation is provided with our Master Groomer for all grooming clients. Kat will get your feedback on cut/style preferences, will provide a pricing estimate, and will give you advice on daily grooming tips to keep your pet feeling great after they leave our care.
Cost: Call 719-445-6634 to set up your no obligation consultation today!

Bath & Tidy- Not every pet requires a regular, full-service grooming. Our bath & tidy is perfect for short-coated dogs as well as dogs that just need a touch up in between grooms. Our Bath & Tidy includes our two-bath process, blow dry and brush out as well as nail trim and blueberry facial. Grooming touch ups are also complimentary with this service. 
Cost: Call 719-445-6634 for an estimate based on your dog's breed and coat type!

Relaxation Massage- The perfect way to calm anxious nerves or soothe aching joints, our 20-minute aromatheraphy massages include the use of lavendar and other essential oils to relax and sooth your dog, followed by a warm towel wrap to further soothe joints and nerves.
Cost: $25 a la carte or just $15 when added to a full-service groom

Laser Therapy- Laser therapy is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment for dogs suffering from arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries, wounds and other ailments. Laser therapy is also increasingly being used to treat anxiety. Our trained technician will be on site weekly to offer customized sessions. These sessions will be offered a la carte or as part of your dog's scheduled grooming appointment.
Cost: Contact us for pricing and to determine if laser therapy is a good option for your pet!
To learn more about laser therapy and it's application for pet anxiety, click here.

Walk-in Pawdicure - Nail dremeling is always offered as part of our full-service grooming services. During regular business hours, we also offer walk-in or appointment-based nail trims and dremels. Stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee in our seating area while your pet receives a pawdicure.
Cost: $10 a la carte or complimentary with every full-service grooming

Anesthesia-Free Dental - We have partnered with the Well Animal Institute to provide anesthesia-free dental cleanings to our clients. This safe, affordable service removes plaque and tartar, thereby reducing the bacteria in your dog's mouth that can cause painful, often life-threatening dental disease. An on-site veterinarian will provide a full exam to ensure your dog or cat is a good candidate for this service and then a trained technician will conduct a full cleaning. Bach flower essences are used to relax your pet throughout the service and your pet's stress level is closely monitored. To learn more about this process, click here. Clinics are offered quarterly.
Cost: $185 per pet ($30 refundable deposit required to reserve)
Next scheduled clinic: April 2017 (Call us to book your appointment!)